Fancy 10% off? Use the code TREAT at the checkout!
Fancy 10% off? Use the code TREAT at the checkout!
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Handmade collectible Art Toys for decoration. Stickers, art prints, original paintings and accessories.

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You can join my patreon from $2 a month and gain access to my exclusive @hanjipan_friends instagram. I'm more active on here sharing behind the scenes posts and you will get first access to shop updates. Once you sign up you will gain access to all previous posts on patreon, however I mostly post on the IG.

Black Lives Matter - Ways You Can Help!

A link to various resources and ways in which you can help the Black Lives Matter movement. Change is coming, we need to keep speaking up louder than ever. Please continue to have those awkward conversations with your friends and family, donate if you can, share posts to bring awareness and most importantly listen to and amplify black voices. 

Black Owned Businesses 

A large list of Black owned companies in the US


Like a tip jar, if you'd like to help support me but don't want to sign up to a monthly payment on patreon! 

Follow me on Twitch

I do live-streams whilst working, you’re welcome to come and chat or just watch! Due to current circumstances I have not been able to stream but i'll be back to it asap so please do give me a follow! I hope to make some cute exclusive emotes and be back to chatting with you whilst i work very soon!

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Chat, share your art, cute stuff, resources, stream updates etc. I have only recently set this up but hope to grow it over time!